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Emgoddess is about discovering the power of who you are, it gives you tools and ideas to help you embrace the diversity of your cycle and how you can use the 4 different phases in your month.

Embrace your natural rhythm of life and become intuitive to your emotional, physical and social needs throughout your menstrual cycle. Use the Emgoddess tools and resources to recognise the four phases of your menstrual cycle and how insight and intuition into this phenomenon can inspire you to take control of your life and embrace the power that is ‘womanhood’.

Embrace who you are every day. Learn to identify and understand the four phases of your cycle.
We believe that girls that learn together … laugh together. Book in for an upcoming workshop in your area.
our mission
For everyone girl to love who they are

How does emgoddess help me?

Understand how your cycle impacts every aspect of your life – no matter where you are in your cycle.
With this knowledge you can enjoy your body, plan your month to your strengths and learn how to nurture yourself in a way you deserve. Share this information with your friends and support each other.
As you start to chart you begin to identify regular patterns each month – you can see the positive aspects you didn’t realise at every phase of your cycle.
The energy of each phase is captured by a goddess – each goddess describes the mood, energy and even clothing style that encapsulates the phase. Discover what this looks like for you.

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